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This Place of Ours

In a dystopia where circumstance brews skepticism, fear, and polarization, we explore  separation and connectivity. Through evocative grittiness, ugliness and beauty, this dance investigates how our perceived differences can either interfere with understanding, or bring us closer together.


What’s at stake when we refuse to connect?

January 24th 9:00 pm

January 26th 6:00 pm 

@ Asheville FRINGE Arts Festival-

 BeBe Theatre  

20 Commerce Street   Asheville, North Carolina 



"They conveyed visceral, fierce, haunting emotion that often left me heart-pounding, breathless...I have seen a lot of Fringe this year, and this is the best I’ve seen so far. If you think you don’t like dance, see this. If you love dance, see this. No matter what you like, This Place of Ours belongs at the top of your list."

- DC Metro Theater Arts 

Guest Artists 2019-2020

Spring Showcase info coming soon!

Michael Crotty

Matthew Cumbie

Erika Record


Moving Body Dance Company presents “Toss It, Catch It, Drop It.”  This performance is an improvisational dive into the unknown possibilities of movement and relationship. Relying on impulse and intuition, the dancers are performing in a spontaneous environment where anything can happen within a structured set of tasks or ‘games.’ The risk of performing spontaneously is failure to make ‘good’ choices while dancing as individuals and the failure to support the group as a whole. The excitement of the performance experience is to reveal the unlimited potential of movement and relationship as well as the unbelievable amount of possibilities! What is a successful performance? What is failure? Moving Body Dance Company seeks to keep asking these questions throughout the performance in hopes of discovery as well as accumulating new questions to fuel future explorations!

Saturday April 27th 8:15 pm

FREE BOOM Intersection performance 

1920 Commonwealth Ave. Charlotte, NC

Faith Filled Frames Photography 
Faith Filled Frames Photography 


Climate  will be presented as part our full-length presentation:
This Place of Ours




As we aim to spread our vision and performance throughout the Midlands and beyond, your donation will help with travel costs, production costs, costumes,  collaboration funds, and stipends for the MBDC artists!
Your donation will allow us to keep investing our time and energy in making quality work for our audiences!





We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

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A Special Thanks to this season's sponsor,

Dr. Caroline Weber at Rosewood Drive Animal Clinic 



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